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Frame of the Month

In March, are featuring Dilem Eyewear as our frame of the month!

Dilem literally translates in French to dilemma: Many struggle choosing a pair of fun, funky or colorful glasses and they find themselves asking, “Do I always want to be stuck with this color?” “Do I want to wear this every day?” “What if it clashes with an outfit?” Dilem frames have temples that are interchangeable and can be personalized you for you!

Dilem has everything from contemporary models, trendy shapes, slender lines, bold zyl, awesome colors and patterns. With the combinations of both frame and materials the interchangeability is endless making Dilem the chameleon of the optical world!

Dilem frames are for both men and women. Sizes range from children to adult. They come in both metal and zyl frames and also both full frames and a grooved rimless design.

Dilem is a style, an attitude, and is total fashion freedom. Its unconventional concept makes it possible to change your appearance whenever you choose.

When you purchase a Dilem frame you receive an extra set of temples to start your collection. In month of March if you purchase a Dilem frame, you will receive an extra set from our stores inventory. So that is THREE sets of temple with ONE frame purchase!!!!

Come see Lori, Michelle, Janelle, America or Britt and let them show you all the possibilities of Dilem Eyewear!


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