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Children’s Eye Exams

We examine patients of all ages, and enjoy taking care of your child’s eyes. The exam process for children is a bit different than for an adult.  Our doctors and…

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Comprehensive Exams

Your routine eye examination will consist of three parts. The first part of the eye examinations is pre-testing. In this part of the exam, the technicians will ask you questions…

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At Family Eyecare Center, our doctors are highly trained to treat most types of eye disease. We have the latest in technology, including the state of the art Cirrus OCT,…

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Contact Lenses

We fit contact lenses for all types of prescriptions and patients. In fact, our doctors are certified to fit lenses for patients with high levels of astigmatism and certain corneal…

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Lasik & Refractive Surgery

LASIK and PRK surgery are termed refractive surgery because they can help eliminate refractive error. Our doctors provide pre-operative and post-operative care for patients undergoing refractive surgery. This means that…

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