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Frame of the Month

In March, are featuring Dilem Eyewear as our frame of the month!

Dilem literally translates in French to dilemma: Many struggle choosing a pair of fun, funky or colorful glasses and they find themselves asking, “Do I always want to be stuck with this color?” “Do I want to wear this every day?” “What if it clashes with an outfit?” Dilem frames have temples that are interchangeable and can be personalized you for you!

Dilem has everything from contemporary models, trendy shapes, slender lines, bold zyl, awesome colors and patterns. With the combinations of both frame and materials the interchangeability is endless making Dilem the chameleon of the optical world!

Dilem frames are for both men and women. Sizes range from children to adult. They come in both metal and zyl frames and also both full frames and a grooved rimless design.

Dilem is a style, an attitude, and is total fashion freedom. Its unconventional concept makes it possible to change your appearance whenever you choose.

When you purchase a Dilem frame you receive an extra set of temples to start your collection. In month of March if you purchase a Dilem frame, you will receive an extra set from our stores inventory. So that is THREE sets of temple with ONE frame purchase!!!!

Come see Lori, Michelle, Janelle, America or Britt and let them show you all the possibilities of Dilem Eyewear!

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In Focus – 10.25.16

This week on our In Focus blog, we have four stories that detail everything from eye health to the morning routine of successful people. Enjoy and leave a comment on Facebook. We’d love to hear your feedback.

The (slightly insane) morning routines of these top professionals 35 and under

Whether morning means 3:30 a.m. or 11:59 a.m., members of the 2016 Next Wave list know how to supercharge the start to their day, getting their minds and bodies ready to take on the world in sometimes unconventional ways.

Drugmakers respond to growing need for eye treatments

Of the five senses, none may be more precious than sight. Yet even as other areas of medicine have advanced rapidly in recent decades, the area of eyecare has been comparatively static, especially when it comes to developing new drugs.

Wearable health monitors not always reliable, study shows

Wearable devices may provide interesting information, but the heart-rate data is unreliable and raises doubts about usefulness, a new study shows.

The new study, by cardiac experts at the Cleveland Clinic, examined four popular devices and found that their heart rate monitors are wrong 10%-20% of the time.

THIS ONE IS INSANE: If you’re unable to read the top line on an eyechart, you’ve got 20/200 vision, which makes you legally blind in the US.

Normal vision is 20/20, which means you can read an eye chart at 20 feet. To be considered legally blind, your vision needs to be 20/200 or worse, which means you can read an eye chart at 20 feet about as well as someone with normal vision could read it at 200 feet.

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In Focus: 10.03.16

Each week on In Focus, we’ll share topics that will help you, the patient, live happier and better. It might be one article, or two, or five. It might be a video or a word of motivation. We hope you enjoy this new feature of our website.

What I Learned From a Stroke at 26: Make Time to Untangle 

To keep up the pace, I put myself through a series of self-imposed tortures that included overcaffeinating and taking catnaps in place of real sleep. I was 26 and felt invincible. I figured I could handle the pressure, so I ignored repeated headaches, blurred vision and general exhaustion.

Early one summer morning in 2001, I arrived at the office and felt a slight buzzing in my right eye and some tingly numbness in my hands, which I dismissed as mere morning grogginess. A little later, I stood up to make a presentation at a team meeting. A colleague later told me she saw my mouth droop as my words started slurring.

The next thing I knew, someone was saying: “You’ve had a stroke. We have to run a scan to figure out what’s going on. Do you understand?”

9 Reasons Why You Need to Make Sleep a Higher Priority

70 million Americans are sleep deprived. But sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

But being sleep-deprived shouldn’t be a badge of honor. The truth is those hours of lost sleep add up to a bigger health deficit than you may realize, says Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, DO, MS, Director of Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center.

“We need sleep so we can restore nutrients, replenish the spirit and refresh the mind,” Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer stresses. “Hidden health hazards accumulate during periods of sleeplessness, and they can’t be covered up with concealer or reversed with caffeine.”

VIDEO: Let’s Make Positivity Louder


“If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.” ~ Pat Riley

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Spex: Your Sunwear Headquarters

The team at Spex is ready to help you with our excellent line of sunwear products to get you ready for summer. Our new line of Costa sunglasses are high in quality and suitable for many outdoor activities, especially golf and water sports. In addition, we carry Oakley, Maui and many other brands.

Light conditions are constantly changing. To get the most out of Costa lenses, it’s important to choose the right color. We offer six lens colors that range from low-light like dawn to extremely bright light with blinding glare.

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Come see one of our sunglasses and frame experts, Michelle, Lori, Janelle or America would be happy to help you custom pick the perfect Costa sun wear for your personal needs.

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Scheduling Your Annual Eye Exam

Now is the perfect time to come get to know us as Family Eye Care Center and set up your family with their annual eye exam. We’d have been recognized as the Best of Grand Island winner for best eyecare practice for five consecutive and we want to share our amazing team with your family.

You can find out more about our great team of doctors, read a comprehensive list of our services and even schedule your appointment on-line. We are ready to take care of any vision needs of you and your family.

Routine eye exams are important — regardless of your age or your physical health.

During a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor does much more than just determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. He or she will also check your eyes for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

Also, eye doctors often are the first health care professionals to detect chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Read more about the importance of an annual exam here and what is included in your comprehensive exam as directed by the American Optometry Association.

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Merry Christmas from Family Eye Care

From our team at Family Eye Care, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and many blessings for the coming year. Thank you, especially, to all of our patients who make our practice successful and and who continue to vote us the Best of Grand Island. A reminder that we will be open until noon on Christmas Eve and open regular Saturday hours on December 26th.

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Sunglasses Sales to Benefit Heartland United Way

Beginning November 2nd, Family Eyecare Center and Spex Boutique is pleased to announce an offer to save our patients on sunglass purchases and help a worthy cause. For any purchase of sunwear at Spex Boutique and Family Eyecare Center in Grand Island and St. Paul, customers will receive $50.00 off each pair purchased. In addition, FEC will donate $20.00 to the Heartland United Way “Four-in-One” Campaign.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for pictures of our sunglasses collection and make sure you stop in for all your eyewear needs during the Christmas season. The special and accompanying donation to the United Way will last until December 31, 2015.


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Dr. Lynda Conner Joins FEC Team

The optometrists of Family Eyecare Center are excited to announce the addition of Dr. Lynda Conner to the staff beginning on July 31st. Dr. Conner comes to FEC after having practiced for seven years in South Bend, Indiana and for a short stint in Grand Island.

“We are extremely excited to bring in someone with Dr. Conner’s expertise to our practice and the communities of Grand Island and St. Paul,” said Dr. Mark Stines. “Lynda’s specialities in ocular eye disease and pediatric eye care, as well as her extensive surgical background, make her a perfect fit for our practice. She’ll be a great fit for both our current and new patients.”

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Dr. Hudnall Nominated for AOA Young OD of the Year

Family Eyecare’s Dr. Chad Hudnall was selected as a finalist for the American Optometric Association’s Young OD of the Year Award for 2015.  This honor is given every year to an optometrist for their accomplishments in the eye care profession and community.  Dr. Hudnall was the Young OD of the Year for Nebraska in 2014.

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